• Accelerating Hardware Startups

    Transforming ideas into prototypes into products

Hardware Accelerator

AtomLeap is a Berlin-based hardware accelerator that invests in the brains behind exciting product ideas and helps them build transformative and successful companies. AtomLeap operates a close-knit network of experts, suppliers, manufacturers, and investors to turn into reality the technologies, that can reshape our civilization.

Operating System

We invest ourselves in the technologies needed to build a better world. AtomLeap is an operating system for hardware startups. We seek out teams with daring, scientifically grounded product ideas that will make people’s lives fundamentally more sustainable, connected, and healthy — and then we consequently help them get to market.

Fueling Ideas

We know that building products with bits and atoms is harder than making apps. It needs physical infrastructure, domain-specific experience, and more money. That’s why we fuel ideas that matter with investors’ money, data (analysis), marketing and sales, workbenches, tools, manufacturing know-how, software development, and legal expertise.