About Us

The future. Tracked and curated.

AtomLeap is a Berlin-based high-tech startup accelerator and business intelligence provider to established companies. We offer highly personalized analyses of technology and startup trends to help our corporate clients, who represent a wide range of sectors, to help them understand and evaluate potential partners and competitors. We also support daring, scientifically grounded product ideas and provide their creators with everything they need to make people’s lives more sustainable, more connected, and healthier. Thanks to our own experience working with large companies and startup ventures, we are uniquely positioned to foster the cooperation between corporations and startups, in order to bring out potential synergies and shared interests. At AtomLeap, experience and infrastructure meet fresh ideas and flexibility, enabling both sides to reap the benefits of collaboration.

Who we are

Dr. Robin P. G. Tech
Co-founder & managing director

Dr. Robin Tech oversees the intelligence and startup acceleration operations at AtomLeap. He studied corporate management and economics at Zeppelin University (BA) and engineering and sociology at the Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (MSc) before doing an MBA at the Hong Kong Business University, and completed his PhD on the financing of high-tech startups at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, the University of St. Gallen, and MIT. Prior to co-founding AtomLeap in 2015, he worked for Audi, the European Union’s EIT Labs, a venture capital firm, and a curator’s office in Moscow. When he is not working, Robin enjoys good wine and coffee, riding his motorcycle, and caring for his ferns.

Thomas Andrae
Co-founder & chief strategist

Thomas has been instrumental to AtomLeap’s growth by managing the company’s business development and strategy in his role as chief strategist. An experienced investor and manager, he has launched and participated in a wide array of global strategic initiatives in IT, communications, the automotive industry, and energy over the past two decades. His most recent roles include creator and director of 3M’s corporate venture capital division and member of the advisory board of Continental’s digital division. He previously worked in consulting, strategic sales, and marketing for major firms like PriceWaterhouse, Andersen Consulting, Accenture and Siemens. In his free time, Thomas enjoys running, playing tennis, and collecting art.

Konstanze Neumann
Co-founder & project director

Konstanze is a co-founder of AtomLeap. In her role as project director, she manages the accelerator program and supports the development of promising high-tech ventures in Berlin. A social scientist by training, Konstanze studied communication and media science, political science, and anthropology at the University of Leipzig, the Free University and the Humboldt University of Berlin. Prior to co-founding AtomLeap, she conducted research in innovation and entrepreneurship at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and worked on the editorial team of Gründerszene, one of the leading publications on entrepreneurship in Germany. In her free time, Konstanze enjoys theatre, performance arts, and spinning classes.

Dr. Hannfried Leisterer
Co-founder & legal analyst

In his role as co-founder and legal analyst, Hannfried is responsible for legal and strategic intelligence at AtomLeap. He specialized in European and international law during his studies at Humboldt University of Berlin and completed his PhD on cyber security at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. Prior to and during his referendariat, he worked at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Hogan Lovells, and the German Federal Interior Ministry. Hannfried focuses on IP and IT law, believes in turning ideas into real-world initiatives, and his personal motto is “just do it, and do it just”. If there’s a piano around, there’s a 100% chance that Hannfried will start playing it within minutes.

Wendelin Michel
Head of R&D

Wendelin oversees algorithm and analysis development at AtomLeap and is also involved in many of the strategic decisions. He is a space engineer with additional background in physics, economics, and computer science and holds degrees from MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, and the International Space University. His broad interdisciplinary perspective combined with extensive experience with tech startups and research enable him to make profound assessments of current developments and to devise great ideas and solutions. In his free time, Wendelin enjoys traveling, biking, skiing, pub quizzes, and the big city life in Berlin.

Lorelei Logel-Demoulin
Business development manager

Lorelei supports the development of the business intelligence division at AtomLeap. After completing her MA in international relations at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Lorelei participated in ESCP Europe’s entrepreneurial bootcamp in Berlin and worked in project and community management at Danone Communities, an investment fund and incubator for inclusive business solutions. Lorelei is passionate about social innovation, technology, collaborative methods, and sustainability. In her free time, she enjoys cultural activities, learning foreign languages, traveling, dancing, and snowboarding.

Kirsten Winterfeld
Project coordinator

Kirsten works directly with the startups in the AtomLeap High-Tech Accelerator on business development and project management. Hailing from Kiel, she studied international business at the Rijkunsiversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands before completing two master’s degrees in international business in emerging markets and local economic development in the UK, at Edinburgh University and the London School of Economics, respectively. Before joining AtomLeap, she worked in business development and management consulting in Berlin and Hamburg. In her free time, Kirsten enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and surfing.

Christian Haenlein
Technology scout & data scientist

Christian is an essential member of the intelligence unit at AtomLeap, where he works on data analytics, data science, and technology insights. He studied engineering management at Technical University Darmstadt (BSc) and at Technical University Berlin (MSc). Subsequently, he worked in the automotive industry in South Africa and Germany, in business consulting, and tutoring innovation economics at the Technical University Berlin. His experience and studies enabled Christian to develop both a broad understanding of technology and a strong business acumen, characteristics that enabled him to co-found two ventures before joining AtomLeap. When he is not working, Christian enjoys spending time with his two dogs, doing extreme sports, and relaxing by reading good newspapers.

Christian Rubba
Data engineer

Christian draws on a decade-long experience studying social sciences with quantitative tools to build data pipelines at AtomLeap. He completed his BA and MA in political science at the University of Konstanz before pursuing a non-academic career. He is a published author on topics related to data collection and natural language processing, and has taught courses on statistics and programming with R. Christian is an avid surfer who sorely misses surfable beaches while living in landlocked Berlin.

Joleana Shurley
Data engineer

Joleana supports the intelligence division at AtomLeap with natural language processing. A well-versed linguist and programmer, she completed her BA in linguistics and TESOL at the University of California, Santa Barbara and her MSc in language evolution and cognition at the University of Edinburgh. Joleana is passionate about improving the quality of multimodal human-machine interfaces using data analysis and modelling. In her free time, she enjoys skydiving and ashtanga yoga.

Aileen Pohl
Front-end developer

Aileen supports the intelligence team at AtomLeap with front-end development. A sports enthusiast and a perfectionist, Aileen studied IT systems engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute (BSc) and human computer interaction at the University College London and Université Paris-Sud (MSc) before working in fintech in London, and later joining SoundCloud. An instinctive problem troubleshooter, she loves to devise new ways of using technology in order to make people’s lives easier. Aileen has a twin sister who, just like her, loves playing volleyball.

Orr Frayden
Data engineer

A linguist by training, Orr supports the intelligence division at AtomLeap with data collection and analysis using natural language processing. Hailing from Israel, Orr studied linguistics at the Tel Aviv University (BA). He has a diverse background that includes teaching, industrial design, and even working as a professional pastry chef. Before joining AtomLeap, Orr worked in data analysis, arrangement, and quality for several German companies. In his free time, he enjoys gardening and playing the piano.

Tatiana de la Torre
Project assistant

Tatiana supports AtomLeap with project management related to the High-Tech Startup Accelerator. Previously, she co-founded a blockchain-based fintech platform and worked in sustainable investment, social enterprise, and content creation for several German companies. Having completed an interdisciplinary BA in economics, political science, law, and sociology at Maastricht University, Tatiana is passionate about sustainable development, which she combines with her entrepreneurial drive. In her free time, she likes to take advantage of the rich creative and artistic scene in Berlin.