Startup Acceleration

For new businesses

We support high-tech

From ideas to prototypes all the way to solutions: we accompany your technology every step of the way. We fuel ideas that matter with investors’ money, data analysis, marketing and sales, workbenches, tools,
manufacturing know-how, software development, and legal expertise. AtomLeap helps to ensure that the customer perspective comes first and validates whether there is a market for your solution.

We accelerate startups

Every business starts with a vision. Our own vision was to push startups forward, to assess their ideas and enable them to connect their novel concepts with the resources they need. We meet with startups on a daily basis, organize workshops and hackathons
to train them. Furthermore, we at AtomLeap developed the Collider Camp to accelerate ambitious teams by mentoring and consulting them jointly with leading experts in their relevant industries.

We facilitate learning

One key feature of our approach is to facilitate mutual insights and progress. Both sides profit from each other when experience and infrastructure meet fresh ideas and flexibility. We work in a dynamic, open office space at the
Factory Berlin where a wide range of young and very young companies meet each other and come into contact with established businesses. A vivid exchange of ideas in the startups community is very important to us.

We understand you

We are entrepreneurs ourselves with a diverse set of backgrounds from anthropology to rocket science and we have worked in startups, companies and research institutes. Although we love seeing new software concepts, we also
know from experience that building products with bits and atoms can be quite a challenge. But we challenge the notion that high-tech hardware is an entrepreneurial niche, on the contrary: it is a pillar of the modern economy.