Startup Intelligence

For established businesses


From noise to order with big data analysis

We start with quantitative data gathered and accessed on a global scale. Our startup database is permanently updated and growing fast. It currently consists of over 1.2 million startups worldwide, 140,000 of which are tech companies founded after 2010. We observe new trends as they happen, and have developed our own disruptivity index to scientifically evaluate the impact of new technologies, specific industries and high-tech startups.


From order to relevance with qualitative analysis

In addition to our big data approach, we screen startups manually and add them to our database. Over the last two years, we have directly met and worked with hundreds of tech startups face-to-face. We are well connected in the startup community and regularly interact with incubators, investors, universities, and research institutes to assess new developments and lend our expertise to regulators and officials.


From relevance to insights with individual reports

We can provide you with an in-depth analysis of big data and a startup benchmark based on our expertise and insights. Whether you need an assessment on the disruptivity of a new technology, a global landscape report on startups in your industry, a complete value chain matching, or an executive briefing on important trends for your company, we can help you. We define parameters together. Your requirements. Your report.


From insights to action with AtomLeap

We help you into action, whether you are seeking to invest in startups, to cooperate, or imitate for your own company. To us, startups are proxies for the innovation and industrial development trends of tomorrow. Our team combines expertise in both technology and startups. We know what makes startups tick, because we are entrepreneurs ourselves that have worked in hardware startups and supported many more ventures in our own accelerator programs.