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We help organizations expand revenues, manage risks, and find opportunities for innovation through proprietary AI and big data analytics

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Our core software product, delphai, is a self-service market intelligence platform. Organizations use delphai to inform their strategies on business expansion, partner scouting, R&D roadmapping, as well as to perform classic market research on competitors and industry trends.

Explore entire ecosystems with our AI-enabled dashboard to discover emerging technologies, or profile individual companies to scout for new partners. Whether it’s competitive intelligence, investment planning, R&D roadmapping, or business expansion, delphai allows you to generate the insights you need to make the next move.

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More growth, less risk

delphai is an intuitive research tool with the flexibility to accommodate different types of organizations. But our primary value comes from speed and precision. 

With data on 12m+ companies from around the world and a suite of proprietary AI tools, delphai can deliver top-level visualizations and detailed insights on the innovations and companies driving change across industries. Get the information you need to make your next move in hours, not weeks.

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