From data to decisions

Manage risks, capture growth, and make better decisions
with AI-powered insights on global innovation.


Innovation is driving change across industries, bringing new threats and challenges, but also new opportunities.

Businesses know that they can use data to inform and validate strategy so they can lower risks and get better results. But there is so much data out there that humans simply cannot navigate and comprehend this complexity by themselves.

This means that businesses with incomplete data risk making unreliable decisions, increasing uncertainty, and missing out on valuable growth.

Our Solution

Our solution is simple. We use the power of AI to collect, process, and analyze massive amounts of data in ways that humans cannot. We help our clients use better data to make better decisions.

Our AI makes analyzing complex data easy and effective, giving our clients the insights they need to mitigate risks before they become threats, capture opportunities for innovation and business expansion, and inform strategy to improve outcomes.

How we work

Our machines continuously collect data on new technologies and firms across the globe from millions of company websites, thousands of venture capital and accelerator portfolios, and hundreds of open databases and trade fairs.
Our AI-driven processes clean and harmonize the complex net of data sources into a single, coherent framework that enriches our constantly updating database, and provides the foundation for our big data analytics.
Our proprietary machine learning algorithms sift through millions of data points to map and discover emerging patterns, the tech trends on the edge of becoming global forces, and the new businesses cases on the way to redefining industries.
With the help of machine intelligence and our extensive experience in technology and industry, we provide contextual analyses finessed to the strategic needs of our clients. We make sense of the data, so our clients can make better decisions.

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