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AtomLeap provides highly personalized analyses of startup and technology trends to corporate clients active in a wide range of economic sectors, in order to help them identify and evaluate potential partners.

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We are passionate about accelerating ambitious high-tech startups with scientifically grounded ideas in order to help them transform their vision into developed processes or products.

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Recent News

IoT World Conference

Our startups had the opportunity to deliver their top notch presentations in front of a global audience of investors and industry representatives. Björn hosted the lounge and prepared the teams in extensive pitch training. The conference was also a great platform for our discussion round on smart factories and trust, during which more than 35 experts of various fields shared their perspective. The talk was led by Robin and provided us with global insights on industry trends.

Collider Camp

Collider Camp 2016 is approaching its end! Participating startup teams enjoyed intensive workshops at least twice a week held by national and international experts covering business, law, financing, design, presentation, engineering, and manufacturing. Four of the teams have made it to the final stage and will present their polished pitches and prototypes to the public at the final demo day on Friday, October 21st. Of course, AtomLeap will keep offering assistance and support in the future!

Connecting with policy

Our office was the starting point of the first startup tour taken by a CDU/CSU parliamentary group. Hannfried and Robin introduced AtomLeap to the interested audience in a first step toward linking startups and policy makers. This connection is not only important because policy can improve the startup climate enormously, e.g. by reducing bureaucracy and providing network infrastructure. The tour also made clear that government can learn and benefit from startups.