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Market signals

Understand the market

| What new players have the biggest potential to disrupt my operations?

| Which emerging technologies will have the deepest impact on my industry?

| Which firms or technologies in my field are receiving the most funding? Who from? Why?

| What signals are genuine trends that need addressing, and what is just background noise?

We help executives and leaders keep a keen eye on industry developments and see what’s coming.

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Core business extension

New business exploration

Strategic partnering

Expand your business

| What new technologies and business models can we incorporate to capture more growth?

| We need to expand — should we partner with a firm, acquire it, or develop the products ourselves?

| What are some related industries we can move into with our current portfolio?

| What should the roadmap look like for our R&D efforts?

We support decisions makers in defining strategies critical to their business growth.

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