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A new autonomous
fleet management business

Our client, a mobility provider, knew that autonomous vehicles were going to redefine shared transportation.

They wanted to understand how to set up for success in autonomous fleet management, and how the trends and key players in the field could affect their platform and future value chain.

We dissected the market into contextualized categories, provided deep analyses on the most noteworthy firms — and together, we sculpted the technology stack and business strategy for an autonomous fleet operation.

In 8 weeks, a new strategy on acquisition, partnering, and product development

Ran quantitative analyses on 3000+ companies in the mobility industry to identify the ventures with the highest relevance to our client’s specifications

Conducted macro analyses of the fleet intelligence field, dividing global technology trends into five major categories

Investigated the most competitive firms in depth by evaluating the technical sophistication behind their products, and the viability of their business models

Calculated companies’ competitive potential using our disruptivity algorithm, recommending who to partner with, who to buy from, and what could be developed internally for informed differentiation

Our impact

  • 500+ relevant competitors and potential partners identified
  • 16 ventures examined in depth for acquisition potential
  • 1 future-proofed mobility service launched
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