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Accelerating product
development of
a robotics solution

A global machinery manufacturer knew that it needed to keep pace with digital transformation or surrender market share to competitors, but they did not know which autonomous robotic applications they should focus on.

Our client wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how autonomous systems could have a transformative or disruptive effect on their current or future markets. Together, we mapped major technology and corporate trends in the agtech space, identified key applications, and offered actionable partnering recommendations.

In 12 weeks, a successful collaboration for joint technology development

Applied quantitative analysis to 7000+ companies in the agricultural technology industry to identify the ventures and applications with the highest relevance to our client’s specifications

Conducted macro trend analyses in the agtech field, categorizing four major technology and startup categories

Performed deep dives into the most competitive startups by evaluating their technological sophistication, the maturity of their business models, and the strength of their founding teams

Calculated startups’ competitive potential using our disruptivity algorithm and offered recommendations for partnering opportunities

Our impact

  • 104 relevant autonomous outdoor machine ventures identified
  • 6 deep dives conducted into market innovators
  • 1 joint product development partnership launched
  • 50% reduction in product development time
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