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Tech scouting
to expand core business
and find new revenue sources

Our client, a manufacturer of industrial sensors and automation solutions, wanted to bolster revenue streams by finding different ways to apply their existing technology stack, and by exploring novel measurement technologies for acquisition or internal production.

And that is exactly what we did. We identified the best-in-class companies to help our client determine what new technologies they needed in their portfolio, and discovered additional use cases to expand our client’s revenue channels.

In 12 weeks, a refreshed sales and product development strategy

Ran a quantitative filtering of global manufacturing firms, and pinpointed progress in the most exemplary firms for each category

Substantiated trend analyses and identified startups of exceptional potential through our disruptivity algorithm, complemented by extensive interviews with subject specialists in finance and technology

Scrutinized the most promising firms through technical and commercial analysis — revealing how they could affect the client’s current and future product pipeline

Provided a detailed technical breakdown of leading innovations, and illustrated novel use cases for both existing and newly-developed measurement methods

Our impact

  • 1 client empowered to pursue in-house development for informed differentiation
  • 4 new use cases in applicable industries identified for existing products
  • 1 new key technology identified to strengthen their core portfolio
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